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Embark on a day or evening Murder Mystery train adventure. Complete with a delicious lunch or dinner, hearty laughs and some less-than-serious sleuthing. Help solve a murder! Or simply sit back & be entertained. Kids 7 years & older are welcome on all Murder Mystery Lunch trains. Adults 18 & older are welcome on all Murder Mystery Dinner Trains.

Murder Mystery Cast

P. Maxwell Productions

Over 20 years performing on the Fillmore & Western Railway! P. Maxwell Productions is Southern California's premiere murder-mystery troupe. Visit them on Facebook

Murder Mystery Info

Show Descriptions

  • When the West was Wild
  • The year is 1874; the town of Fillmore is booming, there are rumors of a gold strike in the hills and opportunity is everywhere! Of course these elements DO tend to attract folks of dubious character. Could it be you're hoping to win the Red Rock Saloon's Annual Poker Tournament? Or help Mayor Townsend win the next election? Maybe you just want to partake of Miss Kitty Kanyon's generous hospitality? Just like a stampede, once things get started, there's no stopping and when the dust settles, who'll be left to tell the tale? "To a man with no future-comes a girl with a past!"
  • Night Train to Murder ('30s)
  • World famous director Caesar Deville and his crew have just completed location work on the new Pandamount Pictures film "Night Train to Murder". Everyone is excited because Prohibition has just ended and, for now, anything goes: maybe even murder! Our cast will bring you mystery, music, and a bit of mayhem. Sit back and play along with us; who knows what may happen right before your eyes! "Maybe true love and a pure heart can even bring back the dead."
  • Bugle Boy Murders of Company C (40s)
  • It is 1942 and "Big Band" leader Harry McCain is in route to his next USO show set in downtown Hollywood. He has many GI's in tow as they are returning home for Christmas and he has a special show ready to perform for them. Enter Vicki Carlson, his lead singer. She has just signed a contract for her first movie and Harry is not pleased. She seems to have forgotten - she has a contract with him. Aspiring singer Adele Adieu has just left Nebraska for the "City Lights." She has been following the band for the last three months and if Vicki leaves, she will strike while the iron is hot. Lets hope she doesn't get burned. Don't forget Harlton Cheston and Doris Night, two of Hollywood's biggest stars. They are traveling with Harry to appear at his next USO show. Will they make it there together? Murder, Mystery & Intrigue fill the air as this train makes a pit stop to murder. This interactive murder mystery is filled with audience participation - so get out your old uniforms and period costumes to come join the fun - we wouldn't want this murder to take off without you! "Murder and mayhem visits this holiday train.swing time will never be the same."
  • Cirque De Foul Play ('50s)
  • Remember "The Big Top," "Trapeze" or "Circus Boy?" Come join us as we travel back to 1955 to visit the traveling characters of the Royale Circus. They have just finished up their tour and are ready to break down for the season when the owner, Duke Royale, receives a call from the bank - ready to call in their note - what can Duke possibly do to stall them, once again? Meet Tom Foolery, the circus "Side Show Barker" who secretly lusts after everything Duke Royale stands for - The Royale Circus - what card lies up his sleeve he has yet to play. Or the poor Princess Sharif, the exotic dancer who only wants one thing to not fulfill her marital contract to a man she has never met. In hiding, someone has just found out where she is. And then there's "Shakes the Clown." He has only one dream and will not rest until it comes true - to be as famous as Bozo. These characters will collide together with a lot more mixed in for fun for an evening of entertainment and mystery - all done up 50's style - with music and costumes to set the mood. Intrigue has just made a stop at the "Big Top" to remind us just how perilous walking a tightrope to danger can actually be. "When your life is a circus, be the ring master."
  • Viva Lost Vegas (Rat Pack '60s)
  • Set in the "Vegas days" of the infamous "RAT PACK". Meet and greet celebrities and songwriters while determining who is responsible for the death of the Ratster you never knew about! "What happens on the Train.....Stays on the Train!"
  • The Love Train ('70s)
  • Our gang sets the mood for a '70s style spoof of the popular "Love Boat" characters on their Aloha Voyage aboard the Love Train. Meet Julie, our activities director; she's just too good to be true. There's Scooter, the Captain's go-fer, who will do just about anything for his mentor, maybe even murder! What would the Captain do to keep from losing his train? And what's with Doc, so busy with the lonely ladies that he hardly has time to treat those who really need him? Louise Lamore, famous columnist for the lovelorn; knows somebody's up to no good but is she in it for the news or the notoriety? And there's the CEO's spoiled son, Raymond Ditwilder; he runs his father's casino but what is he doing here? These characters collide for an evening of intrigue and entertainment, done up in `70s style, to set the mood and costumes to remind us just how fun it was to be dancing-or dying-to the Disco Beat! "Stayin' alive, stayin' alive - not as easy as it used to be."
  • Fright Night (Halloween)
  • Scare yourself silly with monsters and murders on an evening of spooky entertainment. You never know what may happen or who it may happen to. Your hair will stand on end as you split your sides laughing at this motley crew. "Is that a costume or the real you? Halloween will never be the same!"
  • The Holiday
  • It's Christmas on the high seas, as Captain Starbuck and his crew join in holiday gathering. Just as you start to get away from all your troubles, meet the on board celebrities and party with Santa and his elves, a crew member is murdered. As the Captain continues his on board antics, will he be able to save the day? Enjoy the general mirth, music and mayhem as suspects are unveiled, exposed, and undermined in this Christmas special. "It's up to you, Santa and his elves, to keep the Christmas spirit alive, because death never takes a "Holiday."

    Depart: 12 pm | Return: 4 pm
    (7 yrs & older)

    Depart: 6:30 pm | Return: 9:30 pm
    (18 yrs & older)


ADULTS & KIDS - Orange Glazed Chicken Breast
Sides: Green Salad, Rice & Seasonal Vegetables
Drinks (Included): Water, Coffee, Hot & Iced Tea
Drinks (For Purchase): Sodas, Beer & Wine
Dessert: Chef's Choice
*Vegetarian meals are also available.

ADULTS - Choice of 1 Entree
1) Prime Rib, Au Jus, Baked Potato & Vegetables
2) Chicken Cordon Bleu, Rice & Vegetables
3) Blackened Pork Chop, Rice & Vegetables
4) Vegetarian Dinner
Entrees served w/ Garden Salad, Bread & Butter
Drinks (Included): Water, Coffee, Hot & Iced Tea
Drinks (For Purchase): Sodas, Beer & Wine
Dessert: Chef's Choice

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